3 Sure Ways of Lowering Your Shipping Costs

3 Sure Ways of Lowering Your Shipping Costs

Lowering costs is an ultimate goal for any entrepreneur. High costs are a pain in the back for many entrepreneurs particularly the small-scale ones. As you know, saving a coin in business is a great achievement. Shipping costs are some of the enormous expenses for upcoming businesses. As a new entrepreneur, your shipping costs can amount to 25% of the total expenses. Having such costs makes it hard to manage your finances fairly. Notably, shipping charges change with seasons and from one multicarrier shipper to another. How then can you save on your shipping expenses? Here are several ways to do it:

Go for the prepaid shipping option

Did you know you can receive a 20% discount or more by using prepaid shipping services? Well, some multicarrier shipping providers like FedEx and UPS offer discount packages to customers paying for a prepaid option. Here, you purchase shipping labels in advance and fix them to the items you want to ship in place of paying per package during the shipping moment. Moreover, this option is suitable where you have an average or uniform weight you are shipping at regular intervals. Also, the option enables you to save time. During the shipping moment, you do not have to find the best options or find yourself in crisis when the orders are urgent, and there is a jam on the shipping agent.

Negotiating with the multicarrier

At times, new entrepreneurs have a challenge in identifying the fit shipping company. Also, even with a thousand and one options, most of them ignore the negotiation aspect. Discussing with your esteem multicarrier shipping provider can work miracles for you. The provider can offer you lower rates if you have the ability to convince them based on the size of orders you are shipping. As such, before making the final shipping decision, it is essential to try to persuade and compare various shipping carrier prices. This way, you can find a package that is suitable and which will enable you to save on costs.

Go for the shipping carriers packages

One way to reduce your shipping costs is considering the carriers packages. Some carriers will charge you an extra cost if you prefer using your own packages. For a small business, this might increase their shipping costs making it a burden to them. To avoid such charges, you need to consider the already provided shipping packages. This option will save you from being charged dimensional fees and hence enable you to ship at a lower cost.